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SO much love.

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Passengers, by William Control. Tragically beautiful in so many ways <3

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Keep Moving Forward

(Parts I, II & III)

S L E E P / W A L K  

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrations by Arthur Rackham

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Overview: Colo(u)r wheels, systems and theories in the course of time. 1708-1921. Source huevaluechroma

This is absolutely gorgeous. Possibly one of my favorite things I have ever found on Tumblr

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. on We Heart It.
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Detail from Van Gogh's “Wheat Field with Cypresses”.
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Hybride strauchige calceolarien, 1858, Victorian Botanical illustration.
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I once had someone tell me, “You can’t change the world with art history.”

Maybe not. But I can open people’s eyes to beauty. I can try to influence individual lives. Remembering beautiful things, remembering to dream, taking time to really look at something… That is important.


My dreams have value. Maybe they won’t come into fruition the way I envisioned, but they will happen.

So accurate

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Portrait of a Deathly Pleasure.
Taken by me
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I made this because my love of night vale cannot be described with mere words
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Artist: Emile Friant
Title: La Douleur
Date: 1898

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